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Making a Difference!

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!       What would we DO without Marcia?!

Name:        Marcia

Staff:           Nutrition Admin Assistant

Years:          8 1/2

Marcia has been creating delectable digestables for Omak and Okanogan Senior Centers. 6 1/2 years, in fact! She brings her wealth of wisdom to the OCTN offices as she moves to the position of Nutrition Admin Assistant.

Passion for nourishing our elders runs deep in her family: her daughter, Danica stepped in to take the lead cook position that she left.

When asked what her drive is for what she does, Marcia said, “Seniors are getting neglected; they don’t cook anymore. They need nutrition.” She added that there is such a huge need out there. They are so grateful!

When not busy at work, Marcia enjoys reading and cooking. She serves as Auxiliary President for the Okanogan Eagles and is the Secretary for the Okanogan Area Seniors Center.