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Making A Difference!

Name:                        Ivadelle
Volunteer at:            Omak Senior Center
Years:                         13-14

Ivadelle has lots of experience running a store. After all, she and her husband ran Sully’s in Loomis for 30 years. She has lived in Omak for 15 years and volunteered at the Omak Senior Center nearly the entire time.

Starting out sorting donated clothes to sell in the thrift store, she has risen up the ranks and for the last three years has managed the daily operations.

Ivadelle likes the socialization but, more so, she feels it is her duty as a citizen to give back to her community. In fact, that is a common thread among her coworkers. 25 store volunteers stick to a weekly schedule to make sure the thrift store and activities run smoothly.

Additional staff and volunteers from OCTN create and serve delicious meals. The store provides an affordable venue to OCTN to service our elders along with the comfortable atmosphere.

There are 60-plus regular attendants for the senior meals, served twice a week in their building. Meals are a suggested donation of $3.50 per person for those 60 years old and older. Those under 60 pay $8.00. Seniors get hot, nourishing meals and the sense of family and comradery. For most seniors, many living alone, balanced meals or a healthy diet are difficult to come by on their own.

Those who cannot drive are provided transportation by OCTN door to door bus service.

It is only possible because of charitable donations and volunteers!

The impact made is two-fold.

The store’s revenue is used in part to give back to the community. Besides hosting the senior meals, they make donations to key charitable organizations in our area and sponsor a scholarship program for college bound youth.

“I don’t know what I’d do without your store!”

People appreciate the Senior Center and its programs.

This is where you come in…without the generosity of others, we cannot come together and meet the needs of our community.

Please donate, volunteer: become involved.